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Intertravel Viaggi
Trieste, the Town Hall

A city between karst lands and sea

Trieste is the most international city in the region, suspended between a glorious past of "Little Vienna on the Sea" and the present cosmopolitan city. From the Audace pier to the old Lanterna, there is a succession of sails, antique shop window displays, shops and beautiful buildings: in the distance, one can glimpse the white profile of Miramare, the romantic castle of Maximilian and Charlotte of Hapsburg. A journey of discovery of the city's history, literature and art, from the Roman era to medieval wonders, to the Hapsburg splendour. The wealth of architectural styles in the palaces in Trieste is remarkable: Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Eclectic and Baroque, coexisting in a harmonious blend with Roman remains, eighteenth century buildings and Hapsburg style buildings.
Strange but true: …Coffee is one of the flagship products of Trieste. A Free Port for the importation of coffee since the eighteenth century, the port of Trieste is the most important in the Mediterranean for the trade of coffee: the beans that arrive here are not only intended for local coffee roasters but also for those all around the world.
But coffee in Trieste is also in rhythm with literature: many and beautiful are the literary cafes, which are historical premises with retro charm, frequented by poets and writers such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, and Umberto Saba. Taking a coffee break in one of the historical cafes of Trieste is a real ritual that is absolutely not to be missed and whose appeal has spread even through word of mouth. Would you like to know what a gocciato or a taste of a capo in b is? Then you must come to Trieste, because you will only find out here…
• for an espresso in an espresso cup, order a NERO
• for an espresso in a glass, order a NERO IN B
• for a decaffeinated espresso in an espresso cup, order a DECA
• for a decaffeinated espresso in a glass, order a DECA IN B
• for an espresso macchiato (espresso with a splash of frothed milk) in an espresso cup, order a CAPO
• for an espresso macchiato (espresso with a splash of frothed milk) in a glass, order a CAPO IN B
• for a decaffeinated espresso macchiato (espresso with a splash of frothed milk) in an espresso cup, order a CAPO DECA
• for a decaffeinated espresso macchiato (espresso with a splash of frothed milk) in a glass, order a CAPO DECA IN B
• for an espresso with a drop of frothed milk, order a GOCCIA

Trieste is also a mixture of religions: this is evident as soon as you arrive in the city, which, for many centuries, has had (amongst others) a Greek Orthodox Church, a Serbian Orthodox Church, a Synagogue, a Lutheran Evangelical Church and, the oldest of all, a Swiss Evangelical Church.
Trieste means love of the sea too: people here love going to the sea, and the beach resorts - or 'bagni', in local slang - are frequented all the year round, for sunbathing, swimming or just strolling.
At the back of Trieste, the Karst plateau with a natural landscape of great beauty, scattered with typical villages and natural caves is the perfect place for hiking and trekking.
How to get there: Trieste International Airport (TRS) is connected with Italy’s main hubs (Rome FCO – Milan LIN) and a few European ones (Stansted STN – Munich MUC), Venice airport is a 90 minutes drive.
Move around: Rental Cars (Major companies in both Airports), Private Cars and Minivans with driver available throughout the region. Walking is also possible as Trieste is a lovely small city.
Do not miss:
The Miramare Castle, you will need a car or a short 20 minutes taxi ride.
San Giusto - Cathedral and Castle, a walk on the Castle ramparts and bastions gives a complete panorama of the city of Trieste, its hills and the sea.
The Città Vecchia (Old Town) - Trieste boasts an extensive old town: there are many very narrow and crooked streets with typical medieval houses. Nearly the entire area is closed to traffic.
Annual Events:
Trieste Film Festival is an international film festival held in January. Films are shown at several venues around the city, including Teatro Miela and Sala Tropcovich. Films often have English subtitles.
Bavisela the Maratona d'Europa is held every year in early May. It features a marathon and a half marathon, as well as a non-competitive walk for families and young people.
Barcolana is an annual sailing race held in the Gulf of Trieste the second Sunday of October. It is one of the largest races in the world, in operation since 1969. Over 2,000 sailing vessels participate.
Trieste Science+Fiction is an annual Science Fiction film festival, usually held in November. It features new and classic science fiction and fantasy films from around the world.