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Intertravel Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +39 055 / 280706 Our 24/7 Emergency Contact number: +39 3334179059
+39 055 / 212689

Via Lamberti 39/41 R,
50123 Florence
Intertravel Viaggi

Most Active Award 2016

It was with the greatest pleasure that we received this year Most Active Award together with our LCC partners and colleagues. It made us feel special among the already special LCC family, it made us feel rewarded for all the hard work we did, it made us feel we delivered exceeding everybody's expectations, it made us feel WE will NEVER WALK ALONE.

Thank you for being there and thanks to my Team for all the effort and the great professionality they always show in their daily tasks.

Luca Arioli

CEO Intertravel Viaggi Lufthansa City Center - Florence, Italy