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Intertravel Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +39055280706
Hotline Fees
Our 24/7 Emergency Contact number: +39 3334179059 (voice, text, whatsapp)
Contact Person: Mr. Luca Arioli
Via Lamberti 39/41 R,
50123 Florence

Opening Hours
Opening: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (CET); Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays, June 24 (local holiday in Florence)

Intertravel Viaggi
Gin Seller LCC Intertravel Viaggi

Our History

Intertravel was originally established in 1950 in Florence as a retail travel agency.

The very first office was opened in via Lambertesca, after few years there was the necessity to move to a larger office. In the beginning of the 60’s the original owners moved the agency to the actual location placed in via De Lamberti, not far from the previous office.

At the beginning, due to the different customer needs, Intertravel was acting as travel agency and airline / train ticketing office.

In 1965 the company has been sold to the actual ownership that is still running the company since then. At the beginning of 1970 the new ownership, Mrs. Guidali Mariagrazia, found that the role of the agency was limited for the time and that some changes were necessary to move forward. It was then decided to start acting also as a Tour Operator Inbound. Mariagrazia extensive marketing and educational background enabled her to grow the business substantially, Intertravel then became one of the biggest Incoming Tour Operator in Italy.

During the 80,s/90,s Intertravel became extremely competitive in the local industry. Intertravel agents continued to develop their expertise in all aspects of travel, each focusing on a specific field such as corporate, leisure, special services, luxury travel, etc.; further contributing to rapid and substantial growth.
As airlines consolidated, the travel industry became more sophisticated in its application of technology, offering electronic distribution and personalized services via phone, fax, and email.

Thanks to the efforts of its management and team Intertravel has remained on the forefront of this trend.
During the year 1993 Lufthansa asked Intertravel to act as their office in Florence with particular attention to those procedure that were only available at the airlines offices; after four years in 1997 Intertravel became member of the prestigious Lufthansa City Center, a restricted number of Travel Agencies worldwide that are fulfilling all the quality standard of Lufthansa.

Still today in Florence no other Travel Agency were able to became a Lufthansa City Center member.
In order to position itself for further growth in 2002 Intertravel opened an office in Milan, with this new office the intention was to give a new point of contact for the Tour Operator Inbound that at that point was a leader on the market.

2010 was an important year for Intertravel as the management of the company passed from Mrs. Mariagrazia Guidali to her son Mr. Luca Arioli. He entered the company in the 90’s and only after working some years for other companies such as Disney in the United States, Lufthansa in Florence and the National Tour Association (formerly NTA) based in Kentucky were he served for 6 years as a member of the Board of Director .

In 2011, Intertravel decided to consolidate both its Corporate and Leisure divisions, along with its accounting department, in a new customized Technology system that allows integration between all the department and offices in both cities.
Today Intertravel offers a variety of services centralized in various specialized departments.

Our Mission

Intertravel is a full service travel company offering corporate and leisure travel services and advisory, striving for client satisfaction by providing the highest level of service delivering efficient detailed oriented travel planning while generating noticeable savings. We believe that the key of success lies in nurturing vendor, employee, partner, and client relationships and establishing a positive work environment conveying happiness for our team and clients all throughout. Our goal is to brand ourselves as providers of the ultimate travel planning experience while becoming a one stop shop for every travel service available in the industry.