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Intertravel Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

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Our 24/7 Emergency Contact number: +39 3334179059 (voice, text, whatsapp)
Contact Person: Mr. Luca Arioli
Via Lamberti 39/41 R,
50123 Florence

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Opening: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (CET); Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays, June 24 (local holiday in Florence)

Intertravel Viaggi

Inferno Tour - visit Florence following Prof. Langdon's steps

Our charismatic guide will entertain the clients through an intriguing path of mind-blowing details, anecdotes and clue-filled history that will reveal the most important sights and locations that professor Robert Langdon visited in the Brownian dark masterpiece. Clients will start the tour from Porta Romana (one of the side entrances to the Boboli Gardens), where Professor Langdon and Doctor Sienna Brooks started their own adventure. This is one of the most beautiful Italian garden (Giardino all’Italiana) in the world, it offers visitors canopied wooded paths, large ponds, fountains, an amphitheater and sculptures all over. The likes of Niccolò Tribolo, Giorgio Vasari and Bernardo Buontalenti contributed to this beautiful masterpiece and clients will visit the famous Grotto of Buontalenti. The Boboli Gardens which were admired by Dan Brown, play quite an important role in his novel Inferno since Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks escape through the pathways and we get to see beautiful aerial shots in the movie. Clients will then follow Robert Langdon footsteps by crossing the legendary bridge of Ponte Vecchio which will reach Palazzo Vecchio, home of Florence’s Mayor and once the seat of the Medici. Explore the Palace and see the secret passages of The Hall of Geographical Maps (or Wardrobe), Dante’s death mask and the magnificent Vasari’s fresco the “Battaglia di Marciano della Chiana” (Marciano della Chiana’s Battle) where on a tiny green flag you can read ‘cerca trova’ “Seek and You Shall Find”.
The tour then continues to visit the Florence’s Cathedral and the Baptistery, with its famous Golden Door and Baptismal font depicted in the movie. Once inside the Baptistery, clients can admire the magnificent octagonal structure with its golden mosaics that represent the various levels of Paradise and Hell, very similar to the descriptions found in Dante's Divine Comedy, who was, like all Florentine citizens until the last century, baptized there. The tour will end with a visit to one of the most famous museums in the world: the Uffizi Gallery.
This is a great tour that will allow you to learn more about the art and the rich history of Florence and at the same time about its past protagonists, through the lens of mystery and symbology: “Seek and You Shall Find”.

The rate includes:
Private guide in Florence for 7 hours disposal (+ second guide only at Uffizi over 25 pax)
Entrance fees at Uffizi Gallery
Entrance fees at Palazzo Vecchio
Entrance fees at Boboli Garden
Entrance fees at Baptistery

Luciano Loi, Intertravel Viaggi