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Intertravel Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

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Intertravel Viaggi
Coming out the office after a long day at work one can only be proud to live here; you walk to your mean of transport wether a bus a train or in my case a bike (motor not cycle) and you are surrounded by an amazing array of beautiful sights.
I pass near the Orsanmichele church, once a huge deposit for the City wheat and one of the few catholic church not made in a cross shape.
Sometimes I like to walk the little streets that surrounds Piazza della Signoria, but only when it is packed with tourists. Other times I stop in awe just under the clock tower and breathe, trying to
imagine what it would be like 600 years ago.
How did they manage the horse droppings? I mean, we complain about smog but what was the smell like in the cities in those days?...I for sure cannot imagine.
Or maybe we are so used to smell nasty exhaust fumes that the odor of the medieval times would be a pungent but far more healthy "fragrance".
Then I pass the Loggia Dei Lanzi, a unique open air museum for it houses real artworks, not just copies...but the real thing, can you believe it?
No matter how many times I passed this place I always find something new to look at.
The Perseus for example is a clear example of how artists those days were obsessed with details, but also filled with narcissism.
The back of the statue's head is in fact its author's own portrait...amazing, isn't it? Right under the Uffizi Gallery porch,then left following the river with Ponte Vecchio looking at my shoulders, always some sight, wether lit by the sunset or the artificial lights.

After a few hundred yards I reach my XXI Century horse and off I go...back to my mansion, well at least it is to me...


By Luciano Loi, the 21st Century Knight...